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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Another Heater Update

I finished mounting the ceramic heater into the original heater core and i slid it back into the housing without a problem.

All that is left is to wire it to the switch and test it with the car fan

Above is the Ceramic heater inside the heater housing. It fits perfectly

EV Gauges

I got a mounting housing for my two EV Gauges. This allows me to mount them above the dash and looks nice.

I also hooked these gauges up to the same color lights as my dash for when it's dark

Front License Plate

I got my new license plate straight from Germany a few days ago. In most states including WA, you only need a real back license plate. The front can be whatever.

Here's what i got. It's European style (like my car) and the D stands for Deutschland which is Germany home of Volkswagens

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Heater Update

Yesterday morning my dad and i cut out the hole in the heater core for the ceramic heater insert. It was kinda tricky, but we got a nice clean cut eventnally with the help of a jigsaw

Next ill have to use temperature proof glue to seal it in and block off all the heater core with steel sheet metal so the airflow only goes through the ceramic element.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Sorry its been like a month since i last updated!

August was crazy for me! I went on a backpacking trip, did my school summer project, and started school

I barely found time to work on the car, plus i was waiting for the adapter plate and coupler (which i sent back...)

Today (below this post) i wrote all the major things i did in the last month. I've also been working on getting a deal on batteries. Im currently in contact with a few dealers.

My plans to finish the car! (added to checklist on sidebar)
  • Get a deal on batteries
  • Fabricate battery racks
  • Make a control box (containing the smaller components like fuses and contactor)
  • Get new adapter plate
  • fit adapter plate
  • Mount motor with tranny
  • wire the heater
  • Wire everything else
  • Mount everything else but batteries (controller, control box 12v charger)
  • Get vacuum brake
  • Mount gauges
  • Set up emergency disconnect (circuit breaker)
  • Mount battery pack charger in trunk
  • Mount batteries
  • test!

New Part Came

I  was worried about the car going put of control and me not being able to easily turn it off so i got this heavy duty switch (circuit breaker) that will shot it all off instantly

My plan is to mount it under the hood and use a cable/pull switch device like this

Dorman HELP! 55101  Choke Conversion Kit
Ill have the knob mounted by the steering wheel within grasp and the cable will attach to the switch

It's Gonna be a Cold Winter...I Have a Solution!

Some crazy old man told me this winter will be especially cold. Later, I thought my car has no heater or defrost... The original heater required water to run which was made by the engine.

The solution - A $20 ceramic heater from walmart
Sunbeam Ceramic Heater

I ended up getting "mis charged" and only payed $5 for it!

First thing i did was open it up and find the ceramic heater core which will be powered by my 120v pack

Here it is:

As you can see there is a jumble of wires sticking out and sending power through different combinations determines how hot the heater gets.

After various trial and error testing and a meat probe thermometer and a few burns on my hand, i fount out the combo of wires that yield the hottest temp...200 degrees F!

Obviously the fans in the car will cool it down by the time it comes out the vents. I expect it to be equal or a bit cooler than the original water heater.

This heater also came equipped with a powerful fan which i can use to ventilate the gases out of my trunk. When the batteries charge, they leak out a tiny bit of H gas, which is explosive...remember the Hindenburg?

To mount the fan i will cut a hole big enough for the ceramic heater in the cars original heater core pictured here

Heater core

It will look something like this

I also will need a relay that will allow me to toggle the heater on and off. I just bought this and it has yet to arrive.

Here is the spot in the car where all of this fits into. It's right behind the center console under the dash

Removed Clutch

Since i will not be needing the clutch i figured i might a swell ditch the pedal.

5 minutes later i had the pedal in my hand wondering how it was so easy to remove... especially with my luck

 If your wondering how im going to shift gears, its simple.

Let go of the accelerate pedal, shift to the gear with the regular shift knob, and the push back down on the accelerate.

Pretty simple!

Dash Glow!

I hated the dim green glow that my dash had so with some blue led's and a bit of tinkering, i was able to mount these bright lights. They also match the lights that will light up my new gauges which will be mounted above the steering wheel.

Here it is!

Good news.....Wait!.....No Bad News....

The adapter plate and coupler came...finally after 1 and a half months.

Coupler on motor shaft - other side of it attaches to the transmission shaft allowing them to spin together

The 4 holes on the adapter plate dont line up the the corresponding holes on the motor

I called Brian the owner of the company who fabricated the plate, and now i have to send it back and wait for a new one

It should be alot quicker this time around. Maybe a week or so