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About Me

I have been interested in engineering since my early days with Lego's. I became passionate with sustainable energy and electric vehicles after learning about how unsustainable our mentality and government are, and the already apparent and potential problems this creates.

When it came time to start drivers ed, i thought how can anything be done if everybody is only taught to do things one way? I wanted to do something to be different and show my community there isn't always a single way to do things. So in 2008, I started learning about electric cars, specifically the EV1 and the amazing Tesla Roadster. I then looked deeper and asked myself how i could be involved in this way cooler form of transportation. The only way other than forking out the money for a Tesla was to build my own! Thus the planning began, and by early 2009 I started sourcing parts.

As shown in my blog, the process lasted about two years, and i finished just in time for college. At the University of Washington, I continued my sustainable transportation endeavors by joining the UW EcoCAR2 team and helped design an biodiesel hybrid electric vehicle using a Chevy Malibu as a platform. The competition ended in June 2014 and we placed 2nd! During this time i studied Electrical Engineering and Mathematics. I am currently (as of Sept 2014) about a year from graduating.

My accumulated electric car experience resulted in me being hired as a Power Electronics intern at Tesla Motors, which has been an amazing unforgettable learning experience.

I will be back at UW at the end of September and will start year one of the new EcoCAR3 competition, which involves converting a 2016 Chevy Camaro. I am very excited to work with this awesome car! I will occasionally update this blog with my progress and future endeavors related to sustainable transportation.

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