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Future Upgrades

  • Two contactor's (for extra safety in case one fails)
  • Finger proof high voltage (to minimize accidental shocks and improve safety)
  • Smart high voltage interlock loop
  • Make all high voltage conduit orange (standard for high voltage)
  • Reassess fuses and add them where needed
  • Tidy up low voltage wiring (remove what is unnecessary)
  • Upgrade high voltage cable and crimps (reassess gauges and use more robust crimps)
Upgrades and Additions
  • Improved heater mount 
  • Improved circuit breaker Mount
  • Add fan to cool down charger
  • Improved suspension
  • Develop a smart battery management system
  • More reliable 12V accessory battery upgrade
  • robust (3d printed) charge port with light
  • Better precharge scheme
  • Digital display for monitoring based off raspberry Pi
  • Add in clutch
Distant Future
  • Li-Ion Batteries
  • AC motor
  • 3 phase inverter


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