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Monday, June 28, 2010

Car Status

Today was a huge success in testing the existing wiring in the car

I first reinstalled the dash which was a puzzle of wires, then we connected jumper cables to my dad's car battery and with great anxiety, turned the ignition.

To my surprise, the dash lit up, the lights went on and the "No Seatbelt" noise was ringing. I tested the wipers, defrost, lights and coolant squirter and they all worked. The only thing i noticed was i had a few burnt out bulbs and broken fuses.

All i have left to do is replace the bulbs and fuses, install a radio and wire in the inner, smaller headlights

This is all great news since i was very pessimistic about this stuff working since the car is so old

Controller Status

My kit was missing a few parts so Paul will ship them to me.

I also need to find a way to get a 200 watt soldering iron for the bigger pieces of the controller. the 30 watt on i have is too weak for the job

I would say i have about 4 hours of work left on it

Monday, June 21, 2010

Started Building the Controller

Today I spent about 5 hours soldering all of the components onto the control board for my Controller.

I took about 100 resisters, capacitors, diodes ect. and infused them all onto the same circut board. I learned alot on how to solder and keep a steady hand. I had no major screw ups, however i did take some backward steps.

Overall I'm pleased with how it went, and now I have the larger stuff to deal with which is more drilling and screwing thank soldering.

Click here for pictures

**The photo album above will automatically update whenever i take more pictures

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