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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tested Motor, Adapter Plate, Coupler and Transmission

After a few hours of heavy lifting and precision measurments, my Dad and I ended up fitting the motor on the transmission useing the new adapter plate and coupler.

I then wired everything to the controller and batteries to test it. I only tested on 12v instead of 120v because i dont have my batteries yet.
The test was successful in that the transmission spun the way it should. It vibrated a bit which means it isn't lined up perfect yet, but i wont worry about that until it's all in the car.
The next step is to figure out how to put the 200 lb tranny/motor back into the car and mount it.

HD Movie:

Motor-Transmission Test from Jake Garrison on Vimeo.

Motor with new Adapter Plate

Trying to fit them together

Close-up of the connection

Pulley System to join the two

Joined together by lowering the transmission on the motor

Tightened and ready to test

Wiring for the test

Battery Sponsorship!!

A few months back I filled out a form and wrote a persuasive essay to Optima Battery Company about why they should sponsor me. Well, it worked because a couple of days ago i got an email saying they will sponsor me and give me a $120 discount on each of the 10 batteries i need. That's $1200 off my battery purchase.

Not only do i save a ton, but they are also selling me the nicest batteries they have. The Optima D34 Yellow Tops, priced at $220 each.

What is nice about these batteries is they are a new AGM technology which means they aren't as affected by cold temperatures, they don't release harmful gas when charging (which means i wont have to install a ventilation system). Finally, they can be knocked around a bit since they have gel in them instead of liquid, and they don't need any maintenance like regular batteries.

In return to the huge discount, i must right a testimonial about why i choose Optima, send them 4 pictures per month, and put some Optima stickers on my car.

Schematics Update

I drew out some schematics for some of the EV professional;s to check out. 5 drafts later, i got a final layout that seems to be correct and ideal for my car. I used a helpful program called TinyCAD to make them look organized and professional

Finally! A Working Adapter Plate

After getting fed up with trying to get the guy in Utah to make me a working adapter plate, I went to the local machine shop and had Tom custom build one from reminiscence of the poorly made Utah one.

It was great actually meeting with someone instead of only talking on the phone. I had a great experience, didn't pay too much, and most importantly i got a result that will work

To get it made i ended up bring the motor, transmission and coupler so he had all the materials to test fit it with.

Here is the final product

Sorry for No Updates

Since school started I've been super busy with homework and college applications. Now that i'm done with my college apps and school is slowing down a bit, i have time to start working on the car.

I also have been waiting for my adapter plate, which is now done.