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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Motor Came

The 107 lbs motor came the other day, and it looks great!

It's pretty small compared to a car engine, measuring 15.5 inches in length and 8 inches in diameter

It has 2 spinning shafts on each side. One i probably wont use for anything, the other, ill use the adapter plate and shaft coupler (which are the only things that haven't arrived yet) to securely attach the shaft of the motor to the shaft of the transmission.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What's left

Right now i'm waiting for the motor, adapter plate, and shaft coupler to arrive at my door, and i still have yet to purchase the batteries

EV Parts

Here's what  I've got so far

Battery Terminals

these clamp on the 15 batteries i will have and using the #2/0 ga wire, allow for a secure link between each battery

#2/0 Ga Wire

Weighs like 30 lbs total. It is 40 ft, and is used for all the high current wiring. The high current stuff is everything that needs the 120v of batteries to run such as the motor and controller. I'll use much thinner wire for the low current stuff like the gauges since they only use the 12v car battery.

120v Quick Charger

This charges the 120v battery pack from an outlet the red and black cables attach to the + and - of the 120v battery pack and the plug in will go to regular outlet. It weighs like 50 lbs.

Throttle Box

This is essentially a lever the attaches to the accelerator cable, so when you push on the accelerate pedal the little arm moves back. The faster you want to go the more the arm moves right. The Throttle box wires up to the controller, and the controller tells the motor how fast to spin based on the resistance from the throttle box.


This safety feature is essentially an on/off switch, there is no way to turn the car on, or off without it going through this. It is wired to the ignition, batteries and controller, so that when i turn the key, everything turns on, but if something were to malfunction, the controller has the ability to shut everything off with the key still ion the ignition.


This is essentially the fuel gauge when I'm fully charged it will say 120 volts as i drive, this ill go down to 0 when I'm out of power


This shows how many amps are running through the system. It is proportional to how fast im going since more amps are released for more power. It is simply there so i can make sure the batteries are letting the right amount out. For this to work, it must be wired to the shunt.

High Current Terminals

This connects all the components other than batteries to the #2/0 ga wire and 120v system. This includes the motor, controller, contactor and more.

500A Fuse

This is another safety feature. It breaks and shuts off the car if too many amps pass through it


This detects how many amps are coming through in the current and if wired to an ammeter, displays how many amps

12v Battery Charger

Since i no longer have an alternator to charge the car battery, i need to manually charge it. To do this i wire the black and red cables to the 12v battery and the plug in in to a regular outlet. Since i also have the 120v charger, ill probably plug them both into a surge protector and then plug the surge protector into the outlet.


This is what i built, it is like the brain. It tells the motor how fast to spin and shuts it off if its too fast. There is plenty of info a few posts back on how i built this. It probably weighs around 20 lbs.

Finished Buffing

I've worked a couple hours daily the last week buffing and waxing the car. I've also touched up the paint in some areas that needed it.

This is the gear i used

Basically I started with Meguires 83 and the white more aggressive pad and applied it to the whole car twice. This re blended and shined the paint, but left swirl marks. To remove swirl marks i used the blue less aggressive pad and Meguires 9, which i also applied twice. After that i hosed off the car and cleaned the windows and trim.

There were a few deep scratches that i filled in with touch up paint and now you cant even see them.The only issue with the process is it stained my bumpers that i re blackened, so ill have to do that a gain. That will only take a few minutes

Here was the hood before

...and after

Monday, July 26, 2010

Got some parts

Almost all of the parts came last week. All that's left from that order are the custom made adapter plates and coupler. Ill get pics of them all once the last things arrive.

Also, i ordered the motor. instead of picking it up in Seattle, it's going to be shipped to my house, hopefully by Friday.

Once the motor arrives i mount it, wire it along with all of the other parts, the TEST! Once everything seems to be working, i will have made up my mind on what batteries i want.

As for buffing the paint, I'm about 80% done with that. Ill add some pics when it's done

Monday, July 12, 2010

Installed Speakers

I put in my new speakers and the sound great

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ordered most my parts!!

Here's what i bought:
* Adapter Plate for vehicle
* Shaft Coupler - Motor to transmission(clutch-less)
* 0-5k (pb5)Throttle Box
* 40 ft of #2/0 ga. Wire Cable
* Contactor- Kilovac EV200 (2000 amp rupture 200 amp continuous)
* 50-150 VDC Volt Meter
* 0-500 Amp Meter
* 50mv - 500 Amp Shunt
* Gauge Holder Bracket
* 12 - High Current Ring Terminals
* 40 - Battery Cable Terminals
* Fuse - 400 amp slow blow
* Quickcharger 120 VDC (Smart Charger) 

* 12 vdc Smart Battery Charger (for accessory battery) 

It should all arrive in about a week

All i have left to buy is the motor and the batteries

I plan to set up all this stuff with the controller, then mount and connect the motor. At this point i can test everything and get the wheels moving slowly off one battery. After all of that is working ill purchase and install the batteries and bed DONE!!

Finished Controller

I finished the controller in about 3 hours and based off one of the tests i ran, it works!

Here is a slideshow of the progress from the start

Monday, July 5, 2010

Reupholstered Seats

My neighbor reupholstered my seats with the slightly different colored fabric i hunted down. I was lucky to get the fabric in such good shape since it hasn't been made in twenty years.

I wont be putting these back in the car till its done, but its nice to have them ready to go

New Seats

As you can see the lower fabric is deeper blue instead of grey, but thats fine for my standards

Here is what the used to look like

Fixed Electrical Stuff

Ive been sick the last few days, but last Wednesday i bought a regular 12v car battery to try to fix all of the electrical problems

I got all the existing parts on the car working and ready to go. This includes...

-high beams
-turn signals
-tail lights
-brake lights
-front and back windshield wipers
-front and back defrost
-windshield squirter
-interior lights
-dash lights
-ac control lights

I think thats everything

The radio works great. I ended up opening it up and wiring in a little cord so i can play my iPod through the car speakers.

The car speakers however were trashed, so i ordered some new ones off amazon.

Here are some night time pictures of all the lights working



Low Beams

High Beams

Controller News

Im still awaiting my shipment of a few parts, and am also trying to track down a 190 watt+ soldering iron i can borrow or rent for the last, bigger pieces.

Here is what my workplace looks like...