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Sunday, February 21, 2010


Obviously i didn't get everything done that i wanted. I started cleaning under the empty hood and i also cleaned about half of the engine. It's harder than i thought!

Oven Cleaner works good on the metal components of the engine and Simple green works on on the painted stuff.

I moved my checklist to the side of the screen and will update it often, as i am eager to cross things out.

I wasn't planning on getting those parts, but im glad i did. I found two new local contacts who both have tons of parts.

Oh and i got that catalog grandma. Its great it has almost every part in it!

The only parts i still need for my car that don't involve the electric components are a new quad headlight assembly which im searching for used for around $120.

Great Deal on New Parts

Right Taillight - $15
3rd Brake Light - $15

Passenger Door Handle - $10

Chrome VW Badge - $5

Front Turn Signal Lights - $10

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Removed the Engine!!!

After dinner, my dad and i set up the engine lift we rented this morning and prepared to remove the engine. We unscrewed three bolts and it came right out without damaging anything.

I couldn't of done it without my dads sheer strength and Mr. Charles Nekuda, who gave me detailed instructions on how to get it out.

Set Up

Getting Impatient


... and back down to earth




Mom takes me to the sweing store

My mom found a way to help by taking me to the fabric store to get new leather to reupholster the front seats.

I plan to just fix the part wear your butt goes since that is what is torn. Ill probably just staple it to the underside of the seats. I added this to my checklist, which is growing faster than shrinking.

The passenger side is just as bad, but the back seats are perfect. We matched the black leather on the sides of the seat and are going to replace the torn cloth with it.

Cleaned Some Parts

Today i cleaned a few parts using Simple Green and a  tooth brush. They were pretty dirty, but now they are ready to sell. I already have a few offers for stuff.
Alternator (left)

Alternator (right)

Charcoal Canister  
is used to trap the fuel vapors. The fuel vapors adhere to the charcoal, until the engine is started, and engine vacuum can be used to draw the vapors into the engine, so that they can be burned along with the fuel/air mixture.

Idle Stabilizer Valve

 A device used to control the amount of air for engine operation at idle.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Tidied Up the Wiring Harness

The last thing i did was i removed all of the tubes and wires from the engine so it is only connected to the car by its big mounting bolts.

Here is the cleaned up hood compared to before *click the pic for bigger version

Removed Alternator

I quickly took out the alternator today. It was heavier than I thought. Time to clean it and try to sell it.