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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mounting the Motor Brainstorm

Though there hasn't been much progress (due to the cold, snowy weather and school), I have been thinking  a lot about how everything will come together.

Currently whats next on the list is getting the motor/tranny mounted and secured in the car. The tranny side of the component already has built in mounting points on the car since i was originally in the car. The motor side however, needs some sort of fabricated piece to keep it secure to the car.

What I'm thinking is i'll make some sort of cradle for the far left side of the motor that extends to the back left corner of the hood. In the back left corner, there is a mounting point originally used by the engine.

In Addition, I had an extra hole drilled in the adapter plate with the hope that i could use it as a third mounting point. This would be some sort of steel bar from the front of the plate to the front support bar of the car.

Here is a diagram of my thoughts