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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Car is (has been) Finished

I finished and drove the car for a few weeks in September before going off to college at the University of Washington. Currently I am working on the Eco Car 2 Team, that aims to convert a Chevy Malibu to an electric/gas hybrid. It is a much more professional conversion. I plan on doing some finishing touches on my GTI this summer and will continue to blog.


vehikelfranz said...

That's good news after all this time!

Did the car work as expected or had there been
any problems? (no clutch for example...)

Jake Garrison said...

no problems yet. I've only driven it maybe 10 miles total. I rarely shift while moving, so i don't think removing the clutch will be that much of an issue. I have the clutch assembly still though anyway.

I'll get back to work on it this summer when i'm back home. I still have some things to add/fix.

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