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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Good News on Controller

Heard back from Paul in Seattle. He was able to fix my controller, and I will be able to pick it up Wednesday before my UW orientation. Turns out i blew the 4th mosfet, which in turn blows the 3 in the chain before it. Its only a couple bucks to replace, and everything should be up and running soon!


vehikelfranz said...

Hi Jake,
i enjoy watching Your conversion and i am
waiting for Your experiences when driving
this car. This is very typical "us-style"
(no clutch, lead-acid batteries)
I hope, You will not miss the clutch, the
GTI-gearbox has not a very powerful synchronisation, so it will be hard to change
gears when rolling.It is possible, but its
not funny....Dont throw away the parts!
i'm sure the next thing will be putting the cluth back into your car. We will see....

greetings from germany!

vehikelfranz said...

no news since half a year......

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