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Monday, July 4, 2011

Family is in Town! First Test!

Grandma, Grandpa, Greg and Deb came in town for my graduation, but they also were there to witness the first test.

Before i was ready to test, i had a list of little things that needed to be done. Between me, my dad and Greg, we were able to get everything done well.

This includes...a mount to secure the throttle cable, all of the high voltage wiring (crimped and ready to go), and much more.

When we were finally ready, we hooked everything up to a 12v Battery and turned the car on and tested the motor in all of the gears. The test was a SUCCESS.....until the controller melted down...

Here is a video of the excitement.

First Test from Jake Garrison on Vimeo.

What ended up happening is something that wasn't secured well on the controller overheated, causing the controller to malfunction. I ended up sending the controller back to Paul (the designer) and he is working on it as we speak, and i will pick it up in Seattle when i go to my UW orientation. Even though it is a set back, i have been able to get many other things on the car down while i wait.

Anyways...it was great to show everyone that the wheels CAN spin,  and i think they all enjoyed watching and helping me out.


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