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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Installed the Second of Three Motor/Tranny Mounts

I was able to modify the orignial front engine mount to fit with the tranny and adapter plate. The solution was to use 13 washers as spacers to make up for the 5/8th inch gap that the engine had one filled. Now the tanny is mounted almost identicle to the way it was before i removed the engine, which will ensure good preformance.

The final mount will for sure have to be fabricated. Since the motor will have so much torque, by latest plan will be to have a solid metal mount that starts on the other, unused face of the motor and attaches to the back left engine mount. This way the motor will not go anywhere, but still have a bit of room to vibrate in, which is good. One issue with this plan is the axle intersects with where i want to cross the mount, so i will have to make it curve around where the axle is.


vehikelfranz said...

Dont forget to fix the motor-mount at the other side too! originally it was connected to the
starter there. At least You will need a bigger
cover for the starter-hole or the front
part of an old starter.


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